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ou have a problem:

       You want more clients, customers and income... but you don't want to constantly ask people for business.

      --> Because who enjoys ASKING?  It feels like you're begging.





"And Asking People for Business... Sucks.
It Makes You Look DESPERATE!

        And without constant word-of-mouth referrals, your business will never grow and neither will your income.

"Not Getting Consistent, Frequent Referrals...?"

      It's not your fault, because the deck's stacked against you.

      People are busy. They're also LAZY and don't always think of you.

      Face it: They don't have any REAL incentive to refer others to you  (the understatement of the century!)

  • Plain and simple: Clients or customers are NOT just gonna refer you to people because you're already doing work for them!

       Quit kiddin' yourself... that hasn't worked consistently...  

"What's The BEST Way
of Getting New Business...?"

(A) Direct mail. (Trash can=IGNORED)
(B) Buy radio or TV?  (WOW, Expensive!)
(C) Cold call people? (Never call you back)
(D) Advertise online?  (How do you do that?)
(E) Networking events? (You look desperate)


"An Amazing Collection of 25 Sample Professional Referral Letters to Use With Clients or Customers... That Brings You
More Referrals Faster
-- and More Introductions & New Clients, More Often -- GUARANTEED!"

This sample collection of referral letters will deeply connect with any client... any customer...
and most importantly... turning them into a sales force of new referrals.

"Imagine for the Very First Time..."

  • No more feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed asking for referrals or introductions anymore Ė Just use these letters and in minutes, you're positioning yourself politely and professionally.
  • No more struggling with gut-wrenching decisions about asking for introductions from clients to others Ė Just use these professional referral letters and let your clients do all the work for you.
  • No more always wondering if -- and when -- a client will ever refer you Ė These letters make it 'dead-on' simple to plant referral ideas into the minds of others. Just use these letters to get a constant flow of new referrals.
  • No more settling for any prospect that comes your way Ė Just use these proven letters and begin getting inbound calls from Ideal Clients, from people referred to you ... who want to meet you.

        Will this give you a new lease on life? Will it give you the lion's share of income and freedom you want and deserve?  You bet it will!


"...Fabulous... I couldn't create these letters
even if I had the time!"

    "Wow. I couldn't create these letters even if I had the time! This is fabulous. You've done all the hard work for me!

-- Rob Stoddard, RFC
San Juan Capistrano, CA


Daryl, stop right there. I'm in.


"Some of the highest quality I've ever seen..."

      "This package of referral letters are some of the highest quality I've ever seen. They have allowed me to extend an even greater service to my clients. Thank you.

-- Lloyd J. Little
Jefferson City, MO


""...One of the best resources you'll ever find..."

      "Daryl Logullo is one of the best resources you'll ever find for locating, discussing and forging profitable lasting referral alliances..."

-- Jeff Yastine
Sr. Producer, Nightly Business Report

Miami, FL


- Click Each Below -
to View Briefly Inside These Amazing, Proven*

Referral Generating Letters...

Swipe File #1 - Sample Referral Letters


Swipe File #2 - Sample Referral Letters


Swipe File #3 - Sample Referral Letters

Swipe File #4 - Sample Referral Letters

"Letter that Requests Referrals in a Fun, Casual way" "Reminder Letter to Clients that life or family circumstances change, and you can help"
Letter discussing tennis and obtaining more referrals. "Letter that Reminds Clients about your new web site tools and resources"
"Letter that announces your new products or services."
Swipe File #5 - Sample Referral Letters

bullet"Letter that announces a newsworthy event or PR on yourself/business, while also requesting referrals." bullet"Letter reminding clients about your various office locations and requesting referrals."
bullet"Letter discussing recent U.S. political landscape, and requesting referrals." bullet"Letter reminding clients about newsletter/e-letter, and requesting referrals."

Daryl, say no more. Let's do this!

"Truly amazing... these letters will drive you clients... very, very well done..."

      "Wow, these are truly amazing! Anyone who is wondering about the quality of these letters or perhaps sitting on the fence waiting to see more reviews -- wait no longer! These are very, very well done.

I have an MBA in Marketing, and have worked in multiple Fortune 500 companies over my career. These are good enough that they could have come from a top tier consulting company.

I can see myself immediately sending these to my clients to help them build their business. These letters will drive you referrals, which will build lots of goodwill between you and the client. As your relationship strengthens - you will see lots of referrals from your clients and customers."

-- Brian Anderson
Peachtree City, GA


"...A joy to behold... truly masterfully done... thank you for making such as valuable kit available."

      "The professional style and focus of your referral letters is a joy to behold. These letters are truly masterfully done!

The main benefit is the fact that each letter serves a specific purpose... a specific goal. These letters are not rehashed tripe that wouldn't bring starving teenagers to an all-you-can-eat buffet... no, these letters are well crafted missives of good will.

I intend on using them this week!

Thank you for making such a valuable kit available.

-- Millard Grubb
Springfield, MO


Let's Look Further Inside
This Massive Swipe File Kit

(Available 30-Seconds After Purchase!)

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"Here's Everything
You Get..."

$497 Value
The Complete Swipe File Referral Letter Kit

4 Swipe Files, 25 Sample Letters - MS Word & PDF versions, fully compatible and easy to edit/change to your own personal style.

$47 Value
Quick Start Audio MP3

'Quick Start' Audio MP3, 10:16 in length that explains in detail how to use the Kit for maximum results, referrals and profits.

$97 Value
101 Referral Phrases for Your Email Signature & Business Cards

101 Easy Phrases that are powerful and persuasive. Imagine how many referrals will come to your AUTOMATICALLY when you use this guide and place these phrases on your email signature and business cards!

$997 Value
1 Tele-Coaching Certificates, Good for 1 Year!

Two (2!) private 20-minute Tele-Coaching certificates for personal use with Daryl Logullo by phone, to ask questions, receive advice, assistance or direction, and good for an entire 12 months! 

  Total Package Value

$1,597+ value

Add: Two 60-Day Guarantees


*Your Investment!

Only $197


Save 89%!

You Get EVERYTHING You See Above For a
One-Time Low Payment of Only $197*

"...Phenomenal... These are brilliant.
Get These Now!"

     '"Phenomenal letters! I've mailed over 25 million pieces of mail for clients in my career. These are brilliant. Get these now!"

-- Patrick Gawrych
Tampa, FL


Daryl, you're virtually giving this away. Count me in.

*Make this tax-deductible business expense investment even easier and more affordable for yourself by using  your VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, or Discover Card.

That's 25 Referral Letters Ridiculously Priced at
less than $7.80 Per Letter!


"What Would It Cost If You HIRED Someone
to Write These Letters for You?" you have the time to hire someone? Do you want to hassle with that?  Well, let's say you do...

      Just look at what it would cost you...











       And my guess is these people have ZERO referral marketing experience!

"So Why Would You Pay Thousands of Dollars
When All 25 Letters Are Already Written &
Waiting for You?...
(for less than $7.80 per Letter?)"

I'm Ready. Let Me Order This.

Yes!  I Can't Wait To Get My Hands on
Your Incredible Offer NOW!

    I understand this is a one-time investment of only $197.   The best part is, I can check out all these letters for FREE if I choose, as I decide over 60-days, 100% with no hassles or hard-feelings.

Order Now...
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2. Order by Telephone Toll-Free 1 (866) 826-2175
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Take a Full   7-Days  14-Days  30-Days
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100% Risk-FREE Money-Back Guarantee
If you are unhappy for any reason, just let me know within 30 Days  60 DAYS of your purchase and I will refund all of your money. I will treat you with gracious trust and the benefit of any doubt.

"Remember: Get Just One (1!) Referral
in the Next 12 Months... You've
Paid Yourself Back 100+Fold!"


"...Amazing... Priceless... Stunned... 
I feel like I just hit the jackpot!"

      "These letters are amazing! There is something for virtually every situation.  Having access to these letters would be absolutely invaluable to anyone wanting to grow their business.  These letters are priceless.  But they've also been written broadly enough that they would benefit professionals in a variety of industries. 

I'm just stunned at how much time and energy I will be able to save now.  If I didn't have these letters, I would either have to spend countless hours trying to craft something similar myself or I would have to spend significant financial resources to hire someone to do it.  I feel like I just hit the jackpot as I keep scrolling through the wide variety of communication
options I have now."

-- Ben Simiskey
Richmond, TX


Daryl, I want these kind of results too. Let me in.


"...Fully complete... hand-crafted gems...
you need these..."

     This Swipe File is fully complete! Every letter/email you would need running a business. I can see a lot of thought and time has gone into constructing these hand-crafted gems.

I am impressed with the professionalism of each one and the fact that you can edit them so they are suitable for a wide range of uses. You need these in your marketing arsenal.

-- John Pawlett
Hull, United Kingdom


"...Intelligent... thoughtful... continues to help separate us from the competition."

      "You've just expanded my referral resources (not to mention thinking!) and created a marketing blueprint for enhancing my best client relationships and creating new ones based on our ideal client profile.  Intelligent, thoughtful and strategic client communications continues to help separate us from the competition."

-- Mike Eagan
Quincy, MA


"...Allows me to keep in touch with clients, and show them I sincerely want to help them..."

      "I honed-in on 5 letters here... there is no substitute for a real letter... There were 5 specific to my business that are going to allow me to keep in touch with my clients, and show them that I sincerely want to help them. Subtle, and will let me remind my clients to consider me for referrals to friends and relatives."

-- Rick Bloom
Bay Meadow, NY


"So targeted... expecting great results..."

      "I'm a huge fan of marketing and read everything I can get my hands on. This collection of letters are the first that I've seen that are so targeted at getting referrals. I will be putting several into my arsenal immediately. I'm expecting great results."

-- Dan Williams
Williams Insurance Agency

Bradford, PA


"Letís Wrap This Up & Get You This
Full Swipe File Kit
30-Seconds from Right Now..."


"What Do You Have To Lose?"

     Seriously, what do you have to lose? Nothing.

     Because you have my super generous money back guarantee with no questions asked, featuring my 30-DAY 60-DAY TRIAL to actually use and profit from these letters. And you are its sole judge and jury.


"What Do You Have To Gain?"


      Everything! Once you start using this Kit, the referrals will start rolling in.

      Soon all your client and money worries, and all that Ďstressí will be gone. Your business will be fun again, the way itís supposed to be.

      You donít have to fight with your spouse about every little expense. You can smile, enjoy life. Deal with better clients. Grow your business and place the current marketing dollars youíre now spending BACK into your own pocket.

 You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

      Iím anxious to have you as my next success story. Order right now and let's get you on your wayÖ

     This is a positive decision you will be very, very glad you made ---- I guarantee it. You decide: 100% risk-free. Order right now!

Your for more referrals, more often,

Daryl Logullo
(866) 826-2175

 "You Decide:
Keeping Leaving Your Referrals To Chance ... OR...
Get Them to Come More Often."


"Very well written... I highly recommend
you get these..."

      "These letters should go a long way in gaining new clients through referrals and building relationships with existing and future clients. They are very well written and leverage the current business relationship to gain new clients. I highly recommend you get these."

-- Thomas Glenn
Clanton, AL


"A gold building block... get this Swipe File!"

      "I just read all the referral letters in this package. Itís very useful for many businesses, no doubt, a. Iím a big fan of setting up SYSTEMS to get referrals, as most people, including most business owners, are too shy to ask directly for it. These letters can certainly be a gold building block for such a system.

The purpose and timing of the letters explained at the top of each one is a great guiding tool to adapt them and suit them for your own purposes Ė and that of your clients. Get this Swipe File!

-- Jay Rhome
Montreal, QC



"Whoops, Almost Forgot...
If You Don't Use These Referral Letters,
Your Competitors Will!"

P.S.  --

     Think, think:  ďHow many more clients can I get with the sample referral letters in this Swipe File Kit?Ē  Frankly, I donít know. Iím offering you a hammer and a bunch of nails. You can build a dog house or a castle. Itís up to you.

Why not get this Swipe File of Client Referral Letters now? Besides, you risk NOTHING!

 P.P.S.  --

     Call Toll-Free 1-866-826-2175 to order by telephone, rather than using the Internet if you prefer. Weíll even pay for your phone call! 

Donít forget: Youíre just seconds away from the full Swipe File Kit.  Go for it, NOW!

P.P.P.S. --

     At this point after reading a typical offer, you probably think to yourself ďDo I really want to gamble?Ē

Friend, thatís exactly why Iím offering my ďTwo Full Months, 60-Day Nothing To LoseĒ guarantee.

If my Swipe File Kit doesnít deliver, Iím the one who eats his shirt
-- not you.

   Your choice. Just say "Maybe" when you decide for yourself.

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NOTE: The Swipe File of Referrals Kit is an instantly downloadable product. No physical products will be shipped to you.

After you order, you will be sent INSTANT ACCESS to download the entire product material directly onto your computer. The file formats are Adobe Acrobat PDF, MSWord and MP3 files, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

Please see our Terms and Conditions below for any further information.

As with all success individual results will vary greatly accordingly to your own efforts and your ability to implement.


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